Strategies for STANDARDIZED TESTS in a Diverse World

Testing for the Public offers Testing Strategy Courses for the LSAT, GMAT and GRE in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1985. 

Learn to Think Like the Test Makers

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Testing for the Public's unique strategies emphasize thinking like the test makers in order to quickly recognize the Right Answer. We have analyzed every form of the LSAT, GMAT, and GRE released since 1980. We read the scholarly literature and attend the professional conferences on standardized testing to learn what the test makers are planning for the future. Our decades-long research has uncovered consistent patterns that form the basis of our powerful strategies.

You will learn how the test makers write, edit and standardize the test questions, so you can easily find the Right Answer.

Learn our Powerful Strategies in Small Classes

Testing for the Public keeps its classes small -- limited to 20 -- so that you can learn our strategies quickly and easily.

You learn by doing, not by watching.
You answer questions and ask questions.
You learn from the instructor and from your classmates.

Save Your Family's Fortune

Testing for the Public is a non-profit corporation founded in Berkeley, California in April 1985.
It always keeps its course fees as low as possible, far lower than those of most other test prep companies.

GRE $500
GMAT $500
LSAT $600

You don't need to spend a lot to learn a lot.

Learn to Avoid Test Bias

Testing for the Public has identified a number of possible sources of bias against women and minority students on standardized tests.

You will learn how to spot the potential bias.
You will learn strategies that directly confront the potential bias.

This San Francisco Bay Area course has attracted national attention for its innovative approach to beating biased tests.

In 1989, noted trial attorney, Gerry Spence, wrote a book entitled With Justice for None that introduced his readers to "Testing for the Public, a nonprofit educational corporation in San Francisco that offers a test-preparation course for the LSAT intended to aid minorities and the disadvantaged." After reviewing the research and strategies developed by Testing for the Public, Spence asks his readers "What if, indeed, we are witnessing a concerted and systematic scheme that tends to select students who are philosophically compatible with those who devise the test? Is it possible that large numbers of those best suited to be the people's lawyers are never permitted to enter the law-school door?"

In 1992, feminist author Gloria Steinham wrote The Revolution from Within and reviewed the history of the admission tests released since 1980. She noted that "David White, a Harvard Law School graduate in California who coaches candidates in the fine art of surviving the LSATs for entry into law school, says that efforts to make the questions more hospitable to women and people of color sometimes reflect limited thinking in themselves. Having noticed that the word feminism only appeared in wrong answers, for instance, he offered a dollar to any student who found it in a right one -- and he didn't have to pay off until 1989."

Enjoy our Unconditional Free Repeat Policy

Testing for the Public is interested in helping you succeed.
We always welcome returning students.

You can take a course several times before you take the test.
If you still want to raise your score even higher, come back and learn the latest strategies Testing for the Public has developed.
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